Uintah County Real Estate Update

As of 4/11/2022, 1st quarter 2021 there were 185 homes being sold across Uintah County with an average sales price of $199,224.44 Avg sales DOM 90.33 For the same time period 2022, 1st quarter homes sold in Uintah County 119, Avg Sales $263,024.59 DOM 48.33

In the past 30 day's in Uintah County, there has been a total of 40 homes sold across the MLS, of those homes, 15 buyers paid above asking prices, 6 buyers paid cash, 13 buyers used FHA financing, 1 VA, Conventional loans used to purchase a home was 18, Utah housing loans 1, USDA loans 1. Out of the 40 homes sold 12 sellers paid towards the Buyer's closing costs.

As of 4/19/2022 intrest rates are:

FHA: 5.00% Note Rate (APR 5.25%)

VA: 5.00% Note Rate (APR 5.275%)

USDA: 5.00 % Note Rate (APR 5.125%)

Conventional: 5.25% Note Rate (APR 5.45%)

All in One Loan; 4.97% Note Rate  (APR 5.25%)

Based on a 30 Year Mortgage


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